Morocco - Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique (CNRST)

Project: Development & strengthening of the Moroccan computing grid “MaGrid”

Project coordinator: Mr Redouane Merrouch

Project highlights:

Extend the computing and storage capacity of the existing main MaGrid cluster hosted at CNRST

Provide training on installing, managing and using the node and computing grid, administration of services and the infrastructure.

Hold an application gridification school (i.e. how to port to the grid existing applications, in various scientific fields).

Strengthen links with expatriate experts.

Mobilize the resources brought through the initiative in support of MaGrid’s contribution to LHC/ATLAS. Install analysis and simulation tools within MaGrid, raise awareness and promote the use of MaGrid within the Moroccan scientific community.

Support the establishment, from 2010, of a grid computing/distributed computing training module within the existing “Computational Physics” Master’s Degree, Faculty of Sciences, Rabat, Morocco.

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