Nigeria, Nsukka - Atelier September 2012

Institution: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Project: Sustaining the Research and Grid Computing Components of the University of Nigeria

Project coordinator: Dr. Benjamin A. Ogwo

Project highlights:
The project aims at strengthening the research and grid computing components of the Project through expanding existing facilities in the grid computing laboratory, further research on different aspects of animal and plant tissue culture, as well as updating the Project’s website. Specifically, this collaboration focuses on the Centre’s ongoing tissue culture research on mushrooms, cassava and indigenous plants for local staple foods. 

Concrete objectives include:

1. Establish more experiments on animal and plant tissue culture techniques in mushrooms, cassava and other local staples relative to the gains on the first phase of the Project.

2. Develop training modules on tissue culture for researchers and students of the University of Nigeria and affiliate institutions, drawing from resources gained for the first phase of the Project.

3. Expand and upgrade existing facilities at the University of Nigeria grid computing laboratory.

4. Updating and revising the UNESCO-HP website in order to make it more user friendly for the collaborating local and Nigerian scientists in the Diaspora.

5. Disseminate the findings of the three major experiments on plant and animal tissue culture. 



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