Senegal - Gaston Berger University

- Senegal, UGB - Workshop on grid computing, 2012

Institution: Gaston Berger University

Project: Setting up a distributed socio-economic infrastructure for a knowledge-based development approach  

Project coordinator: Mr Moussa Lo 

Project highlights:

Study and disseminate within the institution grid computing know-how. Include training modules on grid computing within existing Master’s degree. Foster the use of grid computing within existing labs and projects (e.g. project MOMIES – Modèles Mathématiques et Informatiques de l'Eau et du Sable – Mathematical and Computing Models for Water and Sand)

Study semantic web and social web in the framework of the development of a living socio-cultural encyclopedia of Senegalese communities. Train researchers. Conduct field work to gather the initial corpus and geographical data.

Install and develop software and hardware infrastructures (GIS + semantic layer) on which the encyclopedia will operate.

Make the encyclopedia available to communities; present it and raise awareness, encourage its use.

Incorporate UGB’s grid note within the national efforts to develop and network these tools, ideally in cooperation with managers of the node that is already operating at UCAD.



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