Institution: Université de la Manouba, Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l’Informatique (ENSI) 

Project: e-infrastructure for academic cooperation and resource sharing in Africa and the Arab States region (ECUMA)  

Project coordinator: Ms Leila Azzouz Saïdane 

Project highlights:

Develop capacities in the establishment of grid infrastructures and the development of application on grids.

Conduct the Neuroweb project as a pilot grid activity, so as to develop capacities in distributed computing. Analyze and communicate on skills acquired to encourage other institutions to develop their own applications and join the e-infrastructure.

Establish an e-learning tool so as to learn how to develop grid applications. Train support (technical) and research staff in grid technologies.

Establish a network with national and international well-skilled partners. Develop joint supervision of Master’s degrees and PhD theses together with HEPIA (Switzerland), promote the exchange of expertise between both institutions, especially thanks to expatriate experts.

Deploy a national grid, develop its services and guarantee that it delivers satisfying performance, relying on latest advances in grid computing technologies.

Establish and strengthen cooperation with other institutions in Africa and the Arab region, strengthen cooperation with international partners and expatriate experts so as to promote scientific and economic development. 


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