Uganda Makerere University

Uganda, Makerere - distributed computing and grid computing seminar

Project: Towards Fostering Localized Innovative ICT Solutions  

Project coordinator: Professor Idris Ahmada Rai 

Project highlights:

Identify four projects proposing ICT-based solutions to address local challenges and use the funds defined in the budget to facilitate implementations of these projects. Visit other institutions participating in the Brain Gain Initiative from different parts of Africa/the Arab States region in order to forge collaborations and try to establish long term collaborations, mainly with ICT units. Sign MoU with some of these institutions.

Organize seminars to train staff and students from both Makerere University and other Ugandan institutions on distributed computing, thus enhancing the existing relationship with other public Ugandan universities.

Further the existing collaboration with researchers in the Diaspora via visits both ways.

Establish a grid node at Makerere University.

Present the project in university activities – seminars, conferences and workshops.

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