HP and UNESCO started to collaborate in 2003 on the "Piloting Solutions for Alleviating Brain Drain in South East Europe" project , supporting key universities to harness the power of grid computing and to get connected to global research networks. In 2006 the project was extended in a pilot to the Africa region

The partnership developed and embraced HP’s support of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre over many years.

In December 2007, the two organizations signed a strategic partnership agreement to strengthen their collaboration around existing education projects. The current focus of the partnership is the Brain Gain Initiative: “Digital infrastructure linking African and Arab Region universities to global knowledge”.

About HP

HP is committed to being a leader in global citizenship. This encompasses the commitment to align business goals with impacts on society and the planet. Global citizenship is one of HP’s seven corporate objectives, rooted in HP’s founding values and key to the company’s success.

Programmes to advance education are part of HP’s global citizenship strategy. During the past 20 years, HP has donated more than €700 million in cash and equipment to schools, universities, community organizations and other non-profit organizations around the world. UNESCO’s education priorities are in line with the goals of HP’s education strategy. 


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