Policy guidelines on inclusion in education
2009 - These guidelines were discussed in a side event at the International Conference on Education in Geneva, Nov 2008 and recommendations from that meeting have been built into this final version. They aim at serving as a resource for policymakers, teachers and learners, community leaders and members of civil society in their efforts to promote more effective strategies for reaching the EFA goals.  Full bibliografic record

Guidelines for Inclusion: Ensuring Access to Education for All
2005 - A policy tool for revising and formulating EFA plans, which also serves as a basis for discussion among policy-makers, educators, NGOs and international organizations impacting policy in both private and public education and concerned with promoting access for ALL learners.

Working Together: Guidelines for Partnership between Professionals and Parents of Children and Young People with Disabilities
1986 - Provides a definition, a justification and examples of the development of good working relationships between professionals and parents of children with disabilities.

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