2010 -  Enhancing learning of children from diverse language backgrounds: Mother tongue-based bilingual or multilingual education in the early years
This report provides a rationale to promote mother tongue-based bi/multilingual early education grounded in international normative frameworks, theory about dual language acquisition, and emerging evidence about the impact of mother tongue based bi/multilingual education initiatives.

Mother Tongue Matters: Local Language as a Key to Effective Learning
The following four case studies demonstrate the potential and challenges  of mother-tongue-based bilingual education.

2008 - International Year of Languages   
A brochure which describes UNESCO’s activities in the field of languages and multilingualism.
L’enseignement des langues étrangères dans les écoles élémentaires publiques de Paris  (in French only)
2006 -  A document which gives the findings of a study on the teaching of foreign languages in public primary schools in Paris.

Stratégie de formation des enseignants en enseignement bilingue additif pour les pays du sahel, Bamako  (In French only)
2007 - The UNESCO strategy document gives suggestions on teacher training in bilingual education.

Writing unwritten languages. A guide to the process. Working Paper, 2003 - This document explores what it takes to write unwritten languages, one way of offering new opportunities of expression and learning to the world’s linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples.

The UNESCO: “Education in a Multilingual World”
2003 - Document states the Organization’ position in languages and education

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