History of Africa

© UNESCO/Anne Müller
- Two women of the Sowame village preparing their lesson before class

Within the framework of the Pedagogical Use of the General History of Africa (GHA) intersectoral project whose overall objective is to contribute to the renewal of History education in African countries and to teach the History of Africa from the African perspective, UNESCO position on revision, adaptation and/or development of textbook  of quality informed two regional meetings which were held in Africa:  the i2010 Tripoli meeting on the identification of pedagogical components of the GHA and the 2011 Harare meeting on the production of common pedagogical content for use in African schools .

During the first phase of the project a series of meetings (Dakar, 1986; Nairobi, 1989; Tripoli, 1999; UNESCO Paris, 1999; Dakar, 2001) took place and where experts concluded that “history curricula in schools are outdated and inadequate” and recommended that “new textbooks be drafted on the basis of the General History of Africa for use by primary and secondary schools on the continent.” General History of Africa Website


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