UNESCO’s guidelines on science and technology education.

Girls into Science
2007 - This training module addresses the under-representation and under-achievement of girls in science and technology subjects. A CD-ROM contains complementary handouts, relevant research reports, policy and curriculum documents, and evaluation tools.

Guidelines for Gender Mainstreaming in Science and Technology
2004 - These guidelines provide key ideas on ways to achieve gender equity in science and technology.

Guidelines for Policy-making in Secondary School Science and Technology Education
2003 - This document is intended for educational stakeholders to identify, improve and develop policies for school science and technology education at secondary level.

Technology Education Guide
2003 - These guidelines help educators to develop and improve a quality technology education programme. They include modules for both teachers and students that refer to everyday experiences.

The Training of Trainers Manual, For Promoting Scientific and Technological Literacy (STL) for All
2001 - Guidelines for teacher trainers aiming to provide suitable continuous professional development for science teachers.

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