UNESCO’s key publications on science and technology education

Science Education Policy-making, Eleven emerging issues
2008 - A key reference document based on The Perth Declaration on Science and Technology Education formulated during the World Conference on Science and Technology Education 2007.

Girls into Science, A training module
2007 - This training module suggests how schools as well as teacher training and career guidance programmes can enhance girls’ interest and participation in science education and careers. A CD-ROM contains complementary handouts, relevant research reports, policy and curriculum documents, and evaluation tools.

Partnership for relevant science and technology education
2004 - This report analyses how private public partnerships and regional networking can improve the quality of science and technology education in order to respond to needs of the countries’ growing economies.

Science Education for Contemporary Society: Problems, Issues and Dilemmas
2001 - This publication provides comparative analysis on science and technology education in Asia and Europe.

Connect (1976-2006)
UNESCO International Science, Technology and Environmental Education Newsletter has served as a platform for exchange of information on environmental education from 1976 to 2006.

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