The main goal of the UNESCO Science Education programme is to ensure scientific education of quality for all within the framework of EFA.

UNESCO seeks to establish a framework to developing strategies in science education that respect the priorities of nations and look to the future. The framework should give greater visibility to UNESCO as well as provide guidance on regional policies taking into account UNESCO policy papers.

  • Promoting change in science teaching approaches, contents and methods within the framework of the Science of Quality for All aim by re-enforcing national capacities for curricular design and development.
  • Facilitating research in order to improve Science Teacher Education by upgrading the skills of science teacher trainers;
  • Strengthening networks of researchers and teachers in science for their continued professional growth and in order to contribute to improvement in science education.
  • Contribute to up-dating in-service teachers in general within the framework of the Science of Quality for All programme to make teaching methods more innovative.
  • Assisting Member States in developing quality science teacher education materials to improve the teaching of science.
  • Enhancing science education among stakeholders by encouraging the participation of NGOs, Unions and Science Teachers’ Associations in activities for Sciences of Quality for All; and to help train teachers to be disseminators of science information and activities that have real impact on the community.
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