Key toolkits on science and technology education.

YouthXchange: Towards Sustainable Lifestyles
2008 - A training kit on responsible consumption designed for young people worldwide.

Girls into Science
2007 - This training module addresses the under-representation and under-achievement of girls in science and technology subjects. A CD-ROM contains complementary handouts, relevant research reports, policy and curriculum documents, and evaluation tools.

Global Microscience Project (GPME) Teaching and Learning Packages
2006 - These science kits give an opportunity to students to carry out experiments in physics, chemistry and biology safely and economically.

Tsunami Teacher, Resource Kit
2006 - This training tool aims to improve the capacity of people and their governments to respond more effectively to tsunami danger. It is supported by a website.

Introduction to SANDWATCH
2005 - An educational tool for sustainable development that aims to develop awareness on marine and coastal environments. It is designed for both primary and secondary level, and can be incorporated into science, maths, language and social studies curriculum.

Ozone Action Education Pack for Primary Schools
2005 - A practical, hands-on and entertaining curricula material on the ozone layer and the causes and consequences of its depletion. It was developed in a partnership between UNESCO, UNEP and WHO.

The Ramsar game - Game on wetlands and water
2005 - A game and an educational tool to test players’ knowledge of water, wetlands, and the good and bad effects that human activities have on clean water and healthy wetlands.

Community-Based Biology 
2003 - A module of the Bioliteracy Series that explains basic concepts of biology and proposes hands-on activities in the neighbourhood, designed as joint projects between a child and an adult (a parent or teacher).

Education kit on combating desertification
2003 - This creative teaching tool raises awareness on desertification and encourages teachers and pupils to act locally to combat this phenomenon.

Technology Education Guide
2003 - These guidelines help educators to develop and improve a quality technology education programme. They include modules for both teachers and students that refer to everyday experiences.

Teaching Resource Kit for Dryland Countries
2002 - This document represents an extract of the Teaching Resource Kit for Drylands, which aims to develop among primary and secondary school pupils the ability to combat desertification while attempting to conserve biodiversity. It is designed to be used in geography, biology, physics and plastic arts classes.

Scientific and Technological Literacy for All
2000 - Materials designed to be used as a supplementary teaching material in Indian schools (grades 6 through 9).

UNESCO Resource Kit, Science & Technology Education, Science for the 21st century
1999 - Teaching modules that engage students in active learning by considering everyday life situations such as the use of alternative energies or public transport.

Scientific, Technical and Vocational Education of Girls in Africa: Motivating through comic strips 
1999 - A comic book to attract girls to science-related subjects.

Scientific, Technical and Vocational Education of Girls in Africa: Science Experiments
1999 - Hand-on, low-cost experiments that can be easily adapted to a local context.

Environmental Education Activities for Primary Schools
1992 - These modules suggest the use of low-cost equipment that actively involve pupils in the exploration of the environment and that could be adapted to local needs.


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