Experts meet to discuss attacks on education, September 28 to October 1


An international expert seminar is to be held to address attacks on education.

In situations of armed conflict and insecurity, education provision is often disrupted by violence.

While some progress has been made in raising awareness of the nature and scale of the problem, attacks on education persist - denying children and youth their rights and placing them at risk in environments that should be protective.

‘Protecting Education from Attack’, an international expert seminar held in Paris, will bring together representatives of UN agencies, NGOs, teachers’ unions, universities, donor agencies, and international media with expertise in education, protection and law.

They will meet to address gaps in practice, policy and research, to identify opportunities for strengthening the monitoring and reporting of attacks and increasing accountability, and to generate next steps for action.

Following the seminar, two publications will be produced: 'Education under Attack 2010', a second volume of the UNESCO-commissioned study, first published in 2007, and 'Protecting Education from Attack: A State-of-the-Art Review', which will comprise a summary of the seminar and its recommendations, as well as the expert papers commissioned.

The seminar is convened by UNESCO with the generous support of Her Highness Sheika Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned of Qatar.


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