Inclusive Education in the Caribbean

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Education officials will meet in Antigua and Barbuda on 21-24 November to discuss policies and curricula for inclusion. The “Inclusive education: Inclusive Policies and Curricula in the Caribbean” workshop is organized by UNESCO in close coordination with the Ministry of Education, Sports, Youth and Gender Affairs in Antigua and Barbuda.

The workshop aims to promote discussions on inclusive education policies and curricula in the Caribbean context, especially in terms of strategies, institutional arrangements and programmes, with a view to ensuring their effective development and implementation from a long-term, holistic perspective.

It will share international experiences in inclusive education, and build upon expert networks and knowledge, such as the UNESCO-IBE’s interregional Community of Practice in Curriculum Development and the UNESCO-IBE’s Resource Pack on Inclusive Education. The workshop will be tailored specifically to the needs and potentials of the Caribbean, as well as to the profiles of the participants.

Expected outcomes include enhanced understandings of inclusive education, conceptual frameworks on inclusive policies and curricula in the Caribbean, and strengthened cooperation in the Caribbean for inclusive education.

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