Pakistan floods keep over 500,000 children out of school

It is expected that 521,731 Pakistani children will be kept out of school due to the recent flooding, according to figures from a recent review of the Millennium Development Goals by UN agencies in Pakistan. This represents almost six per cent of primary school pupils.

“Schools which were not destroyed are being occupied by internally displaced persons and unavailable for classes” says UNESCO’s Mathias Rwehera, who helped prepare the Flood Impact on MDG 2 (FIMA) Analysis. 

Furthermore, because of the floods, education in Pakistan will experience a drop in net and gross enrolment ratios of 3.0 and 4.0 points respectively. This amounts to more than half a million children prevented from participating in education.  

It is also feared that the 2010 floods will affect the survival rate (the proportion of children who start Grade 1 and who reach the final grade of primary school) of almost 629,000 children.   

Faced with this scenario, UNESCO is helping the Pakistan government devise recovery strategies in the short term (to return education to the pre-flood levels) and in the medium term (to improve school retention and quality). As the estimated Government resources will not be enough, it is hoped that the international community can help bridge the gap. 

The Flood Impact on MDG 2 (FIMA) Analysis is based on net and gross primary enrolment ratios, survival and completion rates. 

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