Mr LEE Byong Hyun

Mr LEE Byong Hyun (Republic of Korea) – elected as Chairperson of the Executive Board.

The role of  Chairperson of the Executive Board is outlined in the Constitution of UNESCO and further clarified in the Rules of Procedure of the Executive Board.  In short these include:

  • The opening and closing of meetings of the Executive Board, including when necessary of its subsidiary organs;
  • The effective management and direction of the discussions of the Board;
  • The observance of rules of procedures and granting the right to speak;
  • Adherence of the rules on points of order;
  • The effective management of votes, when required and the announcement of decisions taken by the Board;
  • Jurisdiction over who has the right to take part in discussions of the Board;
  • Acts as the Representative of the Executive Board with Member States, the United Nations, the Specialized Agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations and the Director-General
  • The Chairperson is also an ex officio member of all organs of the Board.
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