The plenary

What is the role of the Plenary?

The Plenary discusses policy questions on the basis of the Director General’s written or oral reports.

Among other responsibilities, the Plenary of the EXB:

  • approves the respective provisional or revised provisional agenda
  • examines its own agenda items (for example all GC items)
  • decides on the items to be referred to the commissions, and when adopting the timetable for the session it determines the time to be allocated to them
  • approves the PX and FA agendas
  • approves the provisional timetable of work
  • approves summary records of previous sessions.

The Board adopts the entire set of draft decisions recommended by each plenary commission (PX and FA).

When does it meet?

The Plenary usually meets during the first three days of the EXB session and reconvenes the last two days to approve decisions.

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