Practical information

What privileges and immunities do the members of the Executive Board have?

Representatives of Members of the EXB and their alternates enjoy, during their stay in France on official duty, such facilities, privileges and immunities as are accorded to diplomats of equal rank belonging to foreign diplomatic missions accredited to the Government of the French Republic (The Ex. Board of UNESCO, I., 15-16)

What are the entitlements of members of the Board?

Members of the EXB are entitled, inter alia, to the following:

The representatives and alternates appointed by Members of the Board shall not, during their term of office, accept from the Organization payment of any expenses or allowances other than those provided for in (Ex.Board, Rules of Proc., rules 61, 62 and 63). They shall not receive any fees or remuneration from the Organization during their term of office (Ex. Board, Rules of Proc., rule 64)

Where are the cloakrooms and lockers and how do Members get access to them?

  • A cloakroom is at the disposal of representatives of Members of the Board beside Room X. Each representative keeps the key of his/her own cupboard until the end of his/her mandate.
  • A key can be obtained in office D.060.

How can a Member obtain more information?

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