Youth Advocacy Group

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The Youth Advocacy Group (YAG) consists of 14 young people from around the world who strengthen momentum and increase support for the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI).

The YAG moves forward GEFI's three main priorities - putting every child in school, improving the quality of learning, fostering global citizenship - amongst their networks and partners by:

1. Facilitating consultations with other youth in their countries, regions, and globally.
2. Providing strategic advice on the education priorities of young people.
3. Promoting the priorities and voices of young people in the advocacy messages and activities of GEFI.
4. Mobilizing young people and governments to make pledges in support of education and hold them accountable to their commitments.

YAG Members:

Anna Susarenco, Moldova
Anusheh Bakht Aziz, Pakistan
Lama Khoury, Arab Republic of Syria
Cheryl Perera, Canada
David Crone, United Kingdom
Dejan Bojanic, Serbia
Esther McFarlane, South Africa
Gaoshan Junjian, China
Hayley McQuire, Australia
Jamira Burley, United States of America
Joseph Munyambanza, Democratic Republic of Congo
Luiz Carlos Guedes, Brazil
Rolando Villamero Jr., Philippines
Sumaya Saluja, India



The Education We Want: An Advocacy Toolkit


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