"On behalf of the Chinese government and people, I would like to express my firm support to the Global Education First Initiative proposed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations. Education is the foundation of national development in the long run. It is the fundamental way for mankind to pass on civilizations and knowledge, bring up new generations and create a better life." - President Xi Jinping

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China has demonstrated impressive progress in education over the past decades, lifting school fees, closing the gender gap and addressing regional disparities. The number of illiterate adults has been reduced from 182 million in 1990 to 54 million in 2010. China sets a powerful example of how political will, sustained economic investment and targeted polices can achieve impressive strides in education. 

With the world’s largest education system, China plays an important role in advancing education, domestically, regionally and globally. As a Champion Country, China is able to share national achievements and lessons learned with the international community, and encourage stronger South-South Cooperation in the area of education. China is in the process of implementing education reforms that aim to improve equity and quality of education. 

Its experiences are useful to other demographically similar countries, particularly in areas such as reducing illiteracy, making primary education universal, strengthening and upgrading skills development, using ICTs in education, and reviewing textbooks and curricula. China also facilitates policy dialogue and cooperation to advance education through hosting major regional and international education conferences.

As the Asian region’s leading economic power and the most populated country in the world, China has an increasingly influential role on the regional and global scene. It has a strong cooperation network, including participation in organizations such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), BRICS, the East Asia Summit (EAS), E-9, G-20, G8+5, G77, the International Development Association (IDA), the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), and South-South Cooperation. This extended network presents a significant opportunity for global advocacy at the highest political level in support of education. China’s massive economic growth makes it an important emerging donor for EFA.

Listen to the remarks made by H.E. Mr. Hao Ping, Vice Minister of Education at the Global Education First Initiative's high-level event 'Quality Education for the World We Want'.



Ministry of Education:

Quality Education for the World We Want: H.E. Mr. Hao Ping, Vice Minister of Education

China Quality Education for the World We Want: H.E. Mr. Hao Ping, Vice Minister of Education, China

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