Advocacy strategy

During the Eastern Europe Regional Youth Advocacy Workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) from 3-6 May 2016 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 30 participants discussed solutions to 6 global issues in groups and how to contribute to implementing them as young people.

Discussion topic of Group 1 was Climate Change. The group discussed how to raise public awareness of the urgent issue and how to involve more people in saving natural resources such as water and energy. They came up with creative social media strategy with a unique hashtag that could be used with different messages customized for different target groups.

Group 2’s discussion topic was Ending Poverty. Their strategy was to involve more NGOs through which they could raise public awareness on the critical global challenge faced by humanity. The group came up with a creative strategy called ‘social media campaign, Broken Telephone,’ which helps people understand complex issues in simpler, more interactive and fun way.

Group 3 discussed how to solve Youth Unemployment issue, which has become a serious concern around the world. They first identified that the education system doesn’t equip students with skills required by the current labour market and suggested involving governments in solving the issue. Their message was clear and appealing to many participants of the workshop.

Group 4 discussed how to improve Access to Quality Education. Issues to be tackled included lack of quality teachers, poor infrastructure and facilities, inequality and prejudice in school, and lack understanding of cultural diversity. One of the suggested solutions was to improve teachers’ training as well as to make the book ‘Compass’ available in different language.

Group 5 discussed Global Health issue with special focus on the drug and alcohol abuse by high school youth. Their goal was clear and achievable, and the strategy was simple. The proposed solutions were to organize conferences and workshops to raise awareness, and involve public figures in the movement of helping save young people from drug and alcohol abuse. Also, they suggested creating an Ambassadors Club of youth who have overcome the abuse issues. The idea was for them to become role models for other young people and guide them to right direction. They suggested using social media networks throughout the process.

Group 6’s discussion topic was Equality.  Main challenges to achieve equality are lack of comprehensive sexual and gender education, discrimination at school, lack of cultural understanding, diversity and inclusiveness. The group proposed to launch a social media campaign to raise public awareness of the issue which influence everyone direct and indirect way. Their message was clear and easy to understand.

Through the group exercise, participants gained better understanding of advocacy as well as the global issues. Each group demonstrated strong creative skills working on the advocacy strategy as well as analytical skills. Participants proved youth’s voice is valuable and should be heard and recognized in order to address the global issues effectively.

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