Youth Exploring Moldova

When the tour guide asks if we liked the trip the youth participants – from the Eastern European countries – clapped and cheered enthusiastically. On the 4th of May the Y-Peer Moldova team organizes a field trip to show the workshop participants how beautiful, undiscovered and remarkable Moldova is.

All packed, excited, enthusiastic.... well, frankly speaking a bit sleepy after intensive workshop programme as well. But here we are, ready for the trip. “Vitali is my name and I do not speak English well,” says the guide. But for sure, we received the warmest Moldovan welcome!

The story about our host country starts in Chisinau. The city is often called white, because of the limestone buildings popped like mushrooms after the rain everywhere around. Suddenly we stop just in front of a huge block: a gas station. Why? We asked each other. Are they shocked by the gorgeousness of our group and lost orientation? But there is the reason. We stop near the the first stone in Chisinau, the place where everything started –  Near the beautiful water spring there are some points that transformed to Moldova.

"Wake up! We have arrived" - announces Vitali, when we have arrived to a place, a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site, Orheiul Vechi. It’s a beautiful green area with the river in the middle and caves on the sides. Formally, those caves were populated by the first inhabitants of Moldova. Informally, because Moldova has no mountains, the place is called for primary schosol for alpinism. Here in the national park, hiking beginners practice before going for big mountains and more risky adventures.

Our next destination is the rock monastery or Rupestra in the village of Butuceni. We see where monks live and pray, and we challenge ourselves by standing on the edge of the cliff. After such 'courageous' actions we deserve some award. Abrakadabra! To make our wish come true we have to go three times around the stone and put the coin into the rock wall.  Some of us are brave enough to do it and some take the suggestion by Wojtek by giving money to him so he can make our wish come true. The rest follows Harry Potter’s wisdom. But in the end, everybody has fun and gets the faith in bright future.

After admiring breath taking landscapes, deep breath of fresh air and fun games, we get hungry. Fortunately lunch is just on time and eating with the view of the beautiful Moldovan nature makes it taste even better.

Well-fed and entertained, we head to Curchi Monastery which is not the biggest or oldest monastery but attracts tourists with its location and legend about Haiduchs, Moldovan Robin Hoods. The chief of the group refought his life after he learned his parents were killed by his own people.  He built the first wooden church which was reformed to modern monastery in the late 18th century. There are four churches in the area. All of them are newly renovated and together with scenery it creates desirable atmosphere for visitors.

Last part of our Moldovan experience is dinner at a traditional restaurant La PLACINTE, Mamaliga, different types of pies, salads, meat - real heaven for all senses. Do you feel envious or hungry or lonely reading this story? Don’t let those emotions to take over you! Our Lithuanian Doctor prescribes you to come to Moldova! Follow her advice and catch your dream here! 

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