Legal Committee

Reports of the Legal Committee - 36th General Conference

29 October 2011:

  1. Consolidated report - 1976 recommendation: development of adult education
    Document 36 C/LEG/6
  2. Consolidated report - 1993 recommendation: recognition of studies and qualifications in higher education
    Document 36 C/LEG/5
  3. Consolidated report - 2003 recommendation: promotion and use of multilingualism and universal access to cyberspace
    Document 36 C/LEG/4
  4. Consolidated report - 1980 recommendation:  status of the artist
    Document C/80
  5. Summary of the reports - implementation of the 1970 convention: prohibiting and preventing illicit import, export and transfer of ownership of cultural property
    Document 36/79
  6. Examination of the communications of the admissibility of draft resolutions proposing the adoption of amendments to the draft programme and budget for 2012-2013
    Document 36 C/78
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