31.10.2011 -

11th Plenary Meeting of the 36th Session of the General Conference

Monday 31 October 2011, 10.10 a.m. – 3.10 p.m.

President: Ms Bogyay (Hungary)
Later: Ms Lacœuilhe (Saint Lucia)
Later: Ms Bogyay (Hungary)

General policy debate (continued)

    1.      The President [English]
    2.      Mr Jeremić (Serbia) [English]
    3.      The President [English]
    4.      Mr Geroulanos (Greece) [English]
    5.      The President [English]
    6.      Mr Cannon (Ireland) [English]
    7.      The President [English]
    8.      Ms Garmendia (Spain) [Spanish]
    9.      The President [English]
    10.    Mr Chacón (Mexico) [Spanish]
    11.    The President [English]
    12.    Mr Lukšič (Slovenia) [English]
    13.    The President [English]
    14.    Mr Kabale (Rwanda) [French]
    15.    The President [English]
    16.    Mr Sileoni (Argentina) [Spanish]
    17.    The President [English]
    18.    Ms Mould‐Iddrisu (Ghana) [English]
    19.    The President
    20.    Mr Zurenuoc (Papua New Guinea) [English]
    21.    The President [English]
    22.    Ms Motshekga (South Africa) [English]
    23.    The President [English]
    24.    Mr Correia e Silva (Cape Verde) [Portuguese-French]
    25.    The President [English]
    26.    Mr Magele Mauiliu Magele (Samoa) [English]
    27.    The President [English]
    28.    Ms Kanter (United States) [English]
    29.    The President [English]
    30.    Ms Potter (British Virgin Islands) [English]
    31.    The President [English]
    32.    Mr Edwards (Chile) [Spain]
    33.    The President [English]
    34.    Mr Kokk (Estonia) [English]
    35.    The President [English]
    36.    Ms Kamath (Australia) [English]
    37.    The President [English]
    38.    Ms Memiaghe (Gabon) [French]
    39.    The President [French-English]
    40.    Mr Imhoof (Switzerland) [French]
    41.    The President [French-English]
    42.    Mr Farah (Djibouti) [French]

Ms Lacœuilhe (Saint Lucia) takes the Chair.
Ms Bogyay resumes the Chair.

    43.    The President [French-English]
    44.    Ms Hallum (New Zealand) [Maori-English]
    45.    The President [English]
    46.    Mr İhsanoğlu (Organization of Islamic Cooperation – OIC) [English]
    47.    The President [English]
    48.    Mr Al‐Malki (Palestine) [English-Spanish-Arabic]
    49.    The President [English]

Item 9.1: Request for the admission of Palestine (36 C/30 and Add.; 36 C/PLEN/DR.1)

    50.    The President [English]
    51.    The Chairperson of the Executive Board [English]
    52.    The President [English]
    53.    Canada [French]
    54.    The President [English]
    55.    Netherlands [English]
    56.    The President [English]
    57.    A vote by roll‐call is taken.
            The results are as follows:
            In favour: [list alphabetically in English];
            Against: [list alphabetically in English];

            Abstention: [list alphabetically in English];
            Voting rights suspended: [list alphabetically in English];
            Absent: [list alphabetically in English].

    58.    The Secretary [English]
    59.    The President [English]

The meeting is suspended for a few minutes to count the votes.

    60.    The President [English]

Statesments in explanation of vote 

    61.    The President [English]
    62.    Mr Killion (United States of America) [English]
    63.    The President [English]
    64.    Mr Oberoi (India) [English]
    65.    The President [English]
    66.    Mr de Icaza (Mexico) [Spanish]
    67.    The President [English]
    68.    Mr Barkan (Israel) [English]
    69.    The President [English]
    70.    Mr Ahnlid (Sweden) [English]
    71.    The President [English]
    72.    Ms Inayatullah (Pakistan) [English]
    73.    The President [English]
    74.    Mr Gatilon (Russian Federation) [Russian]
    75.    The President [English]
    76.    Mr Ramadan (Egypt) [Arabic-English]
    77.    The President [English]
    78.    Ms Plassnik (Austria) [French-English]
    79.    The President [English]
    80.    Ms Chainaye (Belgium) [French]
    81.    The President [French-English]
    82.    Mr Eliagoubi (Libya) [Arabic]
    83.    The President [English]
    84.    Ms Nibbeling‐Wrießnig (Germany) [English]
    85.    The President [English]
    86.    Ms Fadlallah (Lebanon) [Arabic]
    87.    The President [English]
    88.    Ms Hallum (New Zealand) [English]
    89.    The President [English]
    90.    Mr Jayatilleka (Sri Lanka) [English]
    91.    The President [English]
    92.    Mr Aldrees (Saudi Arabia) [English]
    93.    The President [English]
    94.    Ms Tomić (Serbia) [English]
    95.    The President [English]
    96.    Mr Castro Mendes (Portugal) [English]
    97.    The President [English]
    98.    Mr Dam Kristensen (Denmark) [English]
    99.    The President [English]
    100.  Ms Shi (China) [Chinese]
    101.  The President [English]
    102.  Ms Kaiserová (Czech Republic) [English]
    103.  The President [English]
    104.  Ms Flórez Prida (Cuba) [Spanish]
    105.  The President [English]
    106.  Mr Rachman (Indonesia) [A-English-A]
    107.  The President [English]
    108.  Mr Sudders (United Kingdom) [English]
    109.  The President [English]
    110.  Mr Bonilla (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) [Spanish]
    111.  The President [English]
    112.  Mr Murthy (Singapore) [English]
    113.  The President [English]
    114.  Mr Estrella (Argentina) [Spanish]
    115.  The President [English]
    116.  Mr de Canson (France) [French]
    117.  The President [English]
    118.  Mr Imhoof (Switzerland) [French]
    119.  The President [French-English]
    120.  Mr Eriksen (Norway) [English]
    121.  The President [English]
    122.  Ms Henríquez González (Nicaragua) [Spanish]
    123.  The President [English]
    124.  Mr Kiso (Japan) [English]
    125.  The President [English]
    126.  Mr Zeldenrust (Netherlands) [English]
    127.  The President [English]
    128.  Ms Garmendia Mendizábal (Spain) [Spanish]
    129.  The President [English]
    130.  Mr Sbih (Algeria) [French]
    131.  The President [English]
    132.  Ms Kamath (Australia) [English]
    133.  The President [English]
    134.  Mr Bachand (Canada) [French]
    135.  The President [English]
    136.  Ms Hernández de Grullón (Dominican Republic) [Spanish]
    137.  The President [English]
    138.  Ms Rodríguez (Ecuador) [Spanish]
    139.  The President [English]
    140.  Mr Al Rasched (Syrian Arab Republic) [Arabic]
    141.  The President [English]
    142.  Mr Vacharathit (Thailand) [English]
    143.  The President [English]
    144.  Mr Businza (Peru) [Spain]
    145.  The President [English]
    146.  Ms Ossadkedjombo Ngoua Memiaghe (Gabon) [French]
    147.  The President [English]
    148.  Mr Türkoğlu (Turkey) [English]
    149.  The President [English]
    150.  Mr Bondin (Malta) [English]
    151.  The President [English]
    152.  Ms da Rocha (Brazil) [French]
    153.  The President [English]
    154.  Ms Kawar (Jordan) [English-Arabic]
    155.  The President [English]
    156.  Mr Al‐Malki (Palestine) [Arabic]
    157.  The President [English]
    158.  The Director‐General [French-English]
    159.  The President [English]

The meeting rose at 3.10 p.m.

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