29.10.2011 -

9th Plenary Meeting of the 36th Session of the General Conference

Saturday 29 October 2011, 10.15 a.m. – 1.25 p.m.

President:  Ms Bogyay (Hungary)
later:  Ms Sánchez Bello (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
later:  Ms Bogyay (Hungary)

General policy debate (continued)

1.      The President [English]
2.      Mr Nalbandian (Armenia) [French-English]
3.      The President [English]
4.      Mr Baccouche (Tunisia) [Arabic]
5.      The President [English]
6.      Mr Al-Melaifi (Kuwait) [Arabic]
7.      The President [English]
8.      Mr Sahal (Sudan) [Arabic]
9.      The President [English]
10.    Mr Alrashid (Syrian Arab Republic) [Arabic]
11.    The President [English]
12.    Mr Ayissi (Cameroon) [French]
13.    The President [French-English]
14.    Mr Nuh (Indonesia) [English]
15.    The President [English]
16.    Mr Fumeriu (Romania) [French]
17.    The President [English]
18.    Mr Apong (Brunei Darussalam) [English]
19.    The President [English]
20.    Mr Im (Cambodia) [French]
21.    The President [English]
22.    Ms Rehuher Marugg (Palau) [English]
23.    The President [English]
24.    Mr Wardak (Afghanistan) [English]
25.    The President [English]
26.    Ms Arrindell (Sint Maarten) [English]

Ms Sánchez Bello (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) takes the Chair.    

27.    The President [Spanish]
28.    Mr Alonzo (Guatemala) [Spanish]
29.    The President [Spanish]
30.    Mr Phiri (Zambia) [English]
31.    The President [Spanish]
32.    Mr Câncio Freitas (Timor-Leste) [Portuguese-English]
33.    The President [Spanish]
34.    Ms Khaketla (Lesotho) [English]
35.    The President [Spanish]
36.    Mr Cevallos Estarellas (Ecuador) [Spanish]
37.    The President [Spanish]
38.    Mr Postica (Republic of Moldova) [French]
39.    The President [Spanish]
40.    Mr Karomatullo (Tajikistan) [Russian]
41.    The President [Spanish]
42.    Ms Korchueva (Kyrgyzstan) [English]
43.    The President [Spanish]
44.    Mr Said (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) [English]
45.    The President [Spanish]
46.    Mr Türkoğlu (Turkey) [English]

Ms Bogyay resumes the Chair.    

47.    The President [English]
48.    Mr Kougblenou (Togo) [French]
49.    The President [English]
50.    Mr Kupchyshyn (Ukraine) [English]
51.    The President [English]
52.    Monsignor Follo (Permanent Observer of the Holy See to UNESCO) [French]
53.    The President [English]
54.    Mr Christophides (President of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations – WFUCA) [English]
55.    The President [English]
56.    Mr Alkarni (Director-General of the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States – ABEGS) [Arabic]
57.    The President [English]
58.    Mr Loing (President of the NGO/UNESCO Liaison Committee) [French]
59.    The President [English]
60.    Ms Huseynova (Azerbaijan) [French]
61.    The President [English]
62.    The President [English]
63.    Mr Andreasen (Denmark) (Chairperson of the Credentials Committee)   [French]
64.    The President [English]
65.    The President [English]
66.    Ms Cummins (Barbados) (Chairperson of the ADM Commission – Finance and Administration) [French-English]
67.    The President [English]
68.    Mr Salamanques (Assistant Secretary) [English]
69.    The President [English]

The meeting rose at 1.25 p.m.   

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