07.11.2015 -

ED Commission - Fifth Meeting, 10 a.m., Room II

7.5 – Proposal for the revision of the 1976 Recommendation on the Development of Adult Education
7.6 – Proposal for the revision of the Recommendation concerning Technical and Vocational Education4.6 – Management of the education-related category 1 institutes (38 C/20);
4.8 – Amendments to the Statutes of the International Bureau of Education (IBE) (38 C/20)
4.4 – Establishment of category 2 institutes and centres (38 C/18) Part II
(Proposal for the establishment in Dhaka, Bangladesh of the International Mother Language Institute); and Part III (Proposal for the establishment in Shenzen, People’s Republic of China as a Category 2 Centre an International Centre for Higher Education Innovation).

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