©Gaby Photos, Hadidja Alim Youssouf – Cameroon

Ms Hadidja Alim Youssouf – Cameroon

Minister of Basic Education

President of the Cameroon National Commission of UNESCO

Ms Hadidja Alim Youssouf of Cameroonian nationality holds a National Diploma in midwifery as well as a diploma from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), Cameroon.

Having begun her career at the Garoua Regional Hospital (Cameroon), Ms Youssouf has always been very involved in social and family affairs. She successively managed the Garoua Women’s House (La maison de la femme de Garoua), the Garoua center for the promotion of women and family (le centre de promotion de la femme et de la famille de Garoua), and later the North Regional Delegation for the Promotion of Women and the Family.

In 1980, Ms Youssouf entered politics at the regional level, and in 1987 she was elected a municipal councilor to the Garoua Urban council. She was subsequently elected parliamentarian to the Cameroon National Assembly in 2007, where she occupied a seat as board member before being appointed in 2009 to her present post of Minister of Basic Education. Ms Youssouf is a member of the Central Committee of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM).

In 1991, Ms Youssouf was declared an Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Madawaska, New Brunswick (Canada),  and in 2004 she was decorated Knight of the order of Valor.

Ms Youssouf is the mother of seven children.

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