Delegates’ Information Bureau

© UNESCO/Fabrice Gentile - Members of the Delegates Information Bureau Team

The Delegates’ Information Bureau is responsible for the website of the General Conference; the daily e-journal; the announcements on the flat-screens and the MAG.

The e-journal of the GC includes the agenda of the proceedings of the day and reports on the debates and the proceedings of the previous day. It provides information on the side events such as special meetings and official visits. It will also announce the activities foreseen in the framework of OPEN UNESCO.

The Information team coordinates the information available on screens - located throughout the ground floor of Fontenoy and Bonvin buildings -  announcing the agenda and timetable of the programme commissions, results of elections etc.

The MAG is a magazine which will be available on the first day of the 37th session of the general conference. It offers an overview of the special meetings and the side events taking place throughout the Conference.

Delegates are welcome to contact the Delegates’ Information Bureau for any update on the work of the General Conference.

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