Legal Committee - Room VI

The Legal Committee is responsible for considering:

(a)    proposals for the amendment of the Constitution and of the Rules of Procedure of the General Conference;

(b)    agenda items referred to it by the General Conference;

(c)     appeals submitted by sponsors of draft resolutions to the General Conference that have been considered inadmissible by the Director-General under Rule 80 of the Rules of Procedure;

(d)    legal questions submitted to it by the General Conference or any of its organs.

The Committee also considers the reports on conventions and recommendations transmitted to it by the General Conference.

The Committee submits its reports either directly to the General Conference or to the referring organ or the organ which has been designated by the General Conference.


The Legal Committee consists of the following members: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Costa Rica, France, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Republic of Korea, Sudan, Thailand, United States of America and Yemen.  These members were elected by the General Conference at its preceding session on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee. It shall elect its own Chairperson.

Items on the Agenda

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