President of the 37th session of the General Conference

President of the 37th session of the General Conference

HAO Ping, Vice Minister of Education (China), Chairperson of Chinese National Commission for UNESCO

Professor HAO Ping

Professor Hao Ping was born in the Shandong Province of China in September of 1959. For the last four years he has served as the Chinese Vice-Minister of Education, the President of the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO and as a member of the Executive Board of UNESCO.

He gained his undergraduate degree in history at Peking University in 1982 and went on to complete a Masters in history at the University of Hawaii (1995) and later a PhD in international relations at Peking University in 1999.

During that time he began his professional career as a member of the office of the President of Peking University in 1982, a position that he held until 1986 whilst concurrently working as the Deputy Director at the Office of Student Affairs. After a time as a visiting scholar at East-West University in the United States (1991-1992) he then served as the consultant at the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Hawaii (UH) during his Master’s program at the University.

In 1995, he was recalled from the University of Hawaii to Peking University to serve as Director of the Office of International Programs at the Peking University, and he obtained during that period his PhD in international relations in 1999. Subsequently, he also took on the role of Assistant President of the University (1997); Deputy Secretary-General of the University’s Education Foundation (1998) and served as a member of the CPC Standing Committee (1999). In 2001 he became the Vice President of the University and an Executive Member of the CPC Standing Committee and from 2005-2009 he was the President of the Beijing Foreign Studies University. In 2009, he became Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education.

In addition Professor Hao has also worked for numerous committees and associations, notably the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the China-EU Association. Professor Hao has also published a number of academic articles and papers and helped to translate academic texts, including "An Unfortunate Ending: John Leighton Stuart and China," published in 2002, "Sun Yat-Sen's Revolution and the United States," (2000), and "Historical Facts of the Founding of Peking University," (1998).

Throughout his career, Professor Hao has cumulated experiences both at the national and international level.  He is a recognized international scholar in the field education, an inspiring writer, a government administrator and a fine diplomat.

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