How to watch the video and what to do it the video cannot be accessed?

Click on the list (by order of intervention) of speakers (the time indicated below allows you to find easier the video of the needed intervention)

The name of the country appears next to each intervention (place the mouse on the small icon next to the video)

By clicking on the title, you will find more information (exact name of the country representative, PDF attachment with the speech, if photos were taken by the UNESCO Secretariat, you will also find them here). Click on the back arrow to return to the video.

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How to share this video?

You can share it through social media, your website or your e-mail.

By clicking on the icon appearing on the video, you will obtain the link to share. You can also obtain the code for publishing the video on your own website

If you have problems watching this video, please check your browser (Internet explorer, Firefox, Google chrome) updates.