NGO Space

The NGO space will be located in the heart of the public areas of the General Conference, on the ground floor of Fontenoy building - Miró 2 space.

It will be both an information point and a meeting place.

Every day, different NGOS will run stands all day long and make an oral presentation of their activities.

Presentations and mini-debates about the work of the General Conference or the collective work of NGOs driven by the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee will be held throughout the duration of the General Conference. These debates are addressed to NGO representatives, but are also open to other participants in the Conference.

The Secretariat and the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee will be available to provide participants in the General Conference with relevant information regarding official partnership with NGOs and to facilitate NGOs’ participation in the work of the General Conference.

9h30 – 11h00
12h00 – 15h30
17h00 – 18h30



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