Working Group on Governance



At its 38th session, the General Conference established an open-ended working group on governance, procedures and methods of work of the governing bodies of UNESCO (38 C/Resolution 101).

Chairperson of the Working Group: Mr Stanley SIMATAA

Vice-Chairs: Angola, Bahreïn, Germany (2017), Hungary, Norway (2016), Philippines, Venezuela

 Two sub-groups have been established by the Working Group on governance:

  • Sub-Group 1: “Structure, composition and methods of work of the Governing Bodies (General Conference and Executive Board)”

Meetings of Sub-Group 1

Co-Chairs: Norway and Philippines

  • Sub-Group 2: “Structure, composition and methods of work of UNESCO’s international and intergovernmental bodies” 

Meetings of Sub-Group 2

Co-Chairs: Hungary and Philippines 


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