Overview of the UNESCO Liaison Office in Geneva

Nations Gate, Palais des Nations, Geneva

© UNESCO / Mairéad Maguire
Nations Gate, Palais des Nations, Geneva

UNESCO’s Liaison Offices secure a place in the intergovernmental arena at the United Nations, with quality and timely information based on a track record of both normative and field-based operational activities.

They act as a global channel of current and relevant information on UNESCO’s strategic objectives for the UN Secretariat, funds and programmes, permanent delegations at the UN and civil society.

The Offices exercise intellectual and institutional clout to secure an equitable share of the United Nations mandate and resources in UNESCO’s key areas of competence and expertise.

The Liaison Office in Geneva focuses on issues related to Human Rights (particularly Human Rights Education), Science and Technology for Development, Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development Cooperation, Information Society, Trade, UN Coordination Mechanisms and ECOSOC, among others.

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