How to get to the Office

We will receive visitors only if an appointment has been made in advance.

The Office is located at 15 route des Morillons on the ground floor. 

Public transportation options:

From downtown Geneva:

Bus route 5 (direction Aéroport, stop Crêts-de-Morillon)

Bus route 8 (direction OMS, stop BIT)

Bus route 28 (direction Parfumerie, stop OMS)

Bus route F (direction Ferney-Mairie/Gex-ZAC, stop OMS)

From Geneva International Airport:

Bus route 28 (direction Jardin Botanique, stop OMS)

Bus route 5 (direction Hôpital, stop Crêts-de-Morillon)

Information about Geneva's public transportation system:

See the official website of the Geneva Public Transport Authority (TPG) for more information (French only).

If you are staying in a hotel in the Canton of Geneva you will receive a visitor pass that allows free travel on all modes of public transportation in the Canton for the duration of your stay. 

There is a public transport ticket machine in the luggage hall of Geneva International airport where you can get a free ticket for transport from the airport to your hotel. 

Taxi options:

Alptaxi: +41 (0)22 741 41 41

Centrale Taxi-Phone: +41 (0)22 331 41 33

Coopérative Taxis 202: +41 (0)22 320 22 02


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