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Thank you for your interest in working with the Geneva Liaison Office. Internships with the Office entail attending meetings of relevance to UNESCO, mostly organized by other UN bodies, and reporting thereon (see The Calendar on the United Nations Office at Geneva website.) You would be part of a small but dynamic team. If you are interested in applying for an internship with our Office please apply through the UNESCO internship application website. Kindly note that only those applications which are for a duration of at least 3 months (for a maximum of 6 months) will be taken into consideration.

Before applying kindly read the information contained on our internship website to assess whether or not you are eligible to apply for a UNESCO internship.

After completion of the UNESCO application process, please notify the UNESCO Office in Geneva via email at geneva(at) If your application is accepted we will contact you.

Applicants who have not been contacted should consider after three months that their application could not be retained. No information concerning the application will be given over the telephone.

What they Say....

Interested in an internship?  Want to know more about what being an intern at the UNESCO Office in Geneva entails?  Read on to learn what previous interns have to say about their experiences.

"Interning at the UNESCO's Geneva Liaison Office (GLO) was an extemely valuable experience with learning outcomes at different levels: it wasn't only learning by seeing but also learning by doing. During my internship I participated in meetings of relevance to UNESCO at the UN, at other organisations' premises and at the Graduate Institute, reported thereon and completed some research. The variety of the meetings' topics, the opportunity of being directly involved in a project, working in such an international environment and sharing experiences are something I particularly enjoyed. Also, the internship allowed me to learn more about the functioning of the UN system in general and made me better understand how UNESCO implements its mandate. Finally, this internship also helped me in my career planning".

Micol L (Swiss) UNESCO Intern, October to December 2011

"Interning at the UNESCO Liaison Office in Geneva had an invaluable impact on my higher education and understanding of the international system in general. During my time at the office, I was exposed to a vast variety of committees and councils and had the privilege of meeting and speaking with dozens of interesting people working in international relations from all over the world. The internship allowed me to fine tune my interests and career direction, whilst also improving my applied professional skills in an international context. I recommend the experience to anyone hoping to pursue a career in international relations or who would like a more comprehensive understanding of multilateral diplomacy in the United Nations system".

Kristen F (Australian) UNESCO Intern, September to December 2011

"Being part of the UNESCO Liaison Office in Geneva for the past three months has been a very rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to get involved more in depth in the UN System. Attending diverse meetings taking place at the Palais des Nations, such as the Human Rights Council, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, enabled me to further develop my knowledge of human rights issues and the importance of the UN's role in guaranteering them. Although it is a very small office, the colleagues are extremely helpful and sensitive to the needs of the interns. This was, without doubt, a very interesting experience".

Shadya K (Colombian/Lebanese), UNESCO Intern, September to December 2011

"Interning with  UNESCO's Geneva Liaison Office has provided an excellent complement to my academic studies, providing insight into the practical applications of political history and international relations to the context of global governance. Attending meetings at the Palais allowed an insider's look at the operating procedures of the UN system - the Human Rights Council, for example, including the Special Session on Syria, illuminated the dynamics between states, UN agencies and international organizations. ECOSOC provided the additional opportunity to interact with personnel from Headquarters, giving a glimpse at the diversity of UNESCO's inner workings on both the micro and macro levels. Working for UNESCO has thematically expanded my career interests, while at the same time helping to focus my professional pursuits; it has thus proved an extremely fruitful endeavor".

Codi T (American) UNESCO Intern, June to September 2011

"Despite being a small antenna of the Paris headquarters, the UNESCO Geneva Liaison Office provides a great opportunity to explore the UN system from within. For someone who studies international relations and political science, like it is in my case, it could provide a unique experience and valuable support for a main academic course. The latter often does not focus enough on humanitarian aspects, whereas an internship in the UNESCO GLO gives a clear insight into this vast sphere of the UN activities. As an intern I had a chance to follow sessions of both UN principal organs like ESOSOC or Human Rights Council, as well as to examine the work of independent experts within a number of special committees monitoring the implementation of the existing UN Conventions. As a whole, it was  a rewarding professional experience".

Mikhail S, (Russian) UNESCO Intern, May to September 2011

"My experience with UNESCO-GLO was an overall positive one. The staff were professional, helpful and took the time to get to know the interests and future goals of each intern. The highlight of the internship was the amount of exposure it allowed to the many different functions of the United Nations. Each meeting attended at the Palais des Nations introduced a new layer of the multi-faceted UN system, providing a better understanding of its place in our world. Within these walls I was introduced to experts, diplomats, professionals, fellow interns and of course some peculiar characters, who each in their own way contributed to my overall experience as a graduate student, summer intern and future professional. It has been a short but significant chapter in my life - an opportunity I am thankful for".

Ashley S, (Canadian) UNESCO Intern, May to September 2011

"An internship at UNESCO's Geneva Liaison OFfice is an opportunity to discover the functioning of the United Nations from within. You will have the chance to attend conferences on a diversity of topics, meet specialists from all over the world and working for numerous different organizations. You may also observe negotiations on difficult issues between the different members. I notably attended the 16th Session of the Human Rights Councitl, which was of the utmost interest because of the intensity of the debates. The experience of the rapporteures particularly triggered my curiosity and it was also interesting to listen to the point of view of NGOs. Finally, the internship allowed me to become familiar with the dynamics of an international organization in which I hope to work one day".

Jonathan H, (German) UNESCO Intern, March to April 2011

" The opportunity to work as an intern at UNESCO’s Geneva Liaison Office (GLO) has proven to be extremely rewarding. As an intern here, I have been provided with the rare opportunity to access meetings on a wide variety of topics, including human rights, migration and development and the rights of the child, which has been a perfect complement to my graduate studies here in Geneva. Attending the 16th Session of the  Human Rights Council – including the Special Session on Libya - was both a privilege and an honor, as well as a very memorable experience. This internship has been a very immersing one as I have come to better understand the entire UN system, achieved a greater understanding of UNESCO’s mandate, met experts, delegates and interns from around the world, and seen how international relations are actually carried out in today’s globalized world".  

Melissa H, (American) UNESCO Intern, February to May 2011

"If you are interesteed in doing an internship at UNESCO's Geneva Liaison Office, you would probably have heard talking a million times about the Palais des Nations, the Human Rights Council or the Human Rights Treaty Bodies. All these, I would say, almost mythological" places and UN bodies will be part of your everyday life if you have the chance to be part of the wonderful staff of the UNESCO's Geneva Liaison Office. I found myself sitting next to international experts and country delegates discussing topics ranging from the implementation of human rights to environmental issues. Besides the interesting work interns had to carry out, which consists in following up and reporting on major UN meetings and conferences, to me the best part of the internship was meeting passsionate and incredible people, including all the other UN interns, with all their ambitions and dreams, who inspired me deeply".

Stella A, (Italian) UNESCO Intern, October to December 2010

 “To make an internship at UNESCO’s Geneva Liaison Office (GLO) is a unique life experience. It not only provided me with the opportunity to understand how UNESCO works to fulfill its mandate in the numerous fields of competences it has, but also to get a first hand insight of the whole UN system. I can say that my days working here were never routine, as I had to make research, write reports and attend various meetings at the Palais des Nations and the Palais Wilson. Attending such meetings gave me the chance to learn from the work that different professionals perform in various fields related to the UN as well as to understand how policy formulation is made in an international level with the cooperation of government delegations, international organizations and civil society. Furthermore, the GLO staff was always friendly and helpful, which made me feel supported at all times. And of course, living in the beautiful and multicultural Geneva just made my internship simply perfect.”

Inge R, (Mexican) UNESCO Intern, July to October 2010

"The UNESCO Geneva Liaison Office internship during the Summer of 2009 provided a very fortunate entrée into the workings of the UN system.  As a Master's student studying International Organizations, I was able to apply concepts and principles learned through the graduate curriculum in the day-to-day responsibilities of this position.  In particular, representing UNESCO during the ECOSOC sessions in the Palais des Nations was an incredible opportunity and provided a level of access which is rare in other UN internships.   Attending receptions and interacting with country-level delegates only further added to the experience.  As a whole it was a fascinating and informative internship."

Jessica B, (American) UNESCO Intern, May to August 2009

"I was one of the lucky persons who were offered a summer internship with the UNESCO Geneva Liaison Office in 2007. It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. From day one, I was very impressed by the highly motivated and professional environment at GLO. All of the staff are extremely friendly, supportive and knowledgeable, whom I really enjoyed working with and learned a great deal from.  The internship helped me gain valuable working experience in my major field.  It provided me with amazing opportunity to work in a multi-cultural setting and make friends with people from all over the world while enjoying the vibrant life of Geneva".

Hien T, (Vietnamese) UNESCO Intern, June to August 2007

 "UNESCO's Geneva Liaison Office (GLO) offers its interns a truly unique opportunity. As someone who has completed nearly a half dozen internships with different organizations, I am in a position to appreciate how a position with the GLO is not your everyday experience. A typical intern would usually be project-based, yet working on a single topic in a back office is a poor way to gain experience or an understanding of how the humanitarian field works. Thus, the diversity of intern roles with UNESCO's Geneva office represents an incredible opportunity. On any given day, interns might find themselves researching a wide range of topics, preparing summaries or reports, or even in the UN itself attending meetings or council sessions. I cannot think of a better way for a student or young professional to gain exposure to the UN and its workings, and I for one found the experience to be truly rewarding."

Weston L, (American) UNESCO Intern, June to August 2007

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