UNESCO's Participation in the ECOSOC

Irina Bokova, DG (UNESCO) delivers her statement during the meeting of senior United Nations officials with local Pupils, ECOSOC. UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) holds several short sessions and many preparatory meetings, round tables and panel discussions with the members of civil society throughout the year, to deal with the organization of its work.

It holds a four-week substantive session in July, alternating between New York and Geneva, which is organized in four segments (High-level, Coordination, Operational Activities, Humanitarian Affairs and General Segments). At the High-level Segment, national cabinet ministers and chiefs of international agencies and other high officials discuss major economic, social and environmental policy issues. A Ministerial declaration is generally adopted on the theme of the High-level Segment, which provides policy guidance and recommendations for action. The year-round work of the Council is carried out in its subsidiary and related bodies.

In accordance with the rules of procedures of the ECOSOC (E/5715/Rev.2), rule 75 and 76, UNESCO as a specialized agency shall be entitled to be represented at meetings of the Council, participate without a vote and submit proposals regarding items of concern to the Organization.

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