• Geneva Peace Week 2018

    On Friday 9 November (14:30 – 15:45), UNESCO, in partnership with the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and Interpeace, will organise a roundtable discussion on New Measurements for Inclusive Peacebuilding, as part of the Geneva Peace Week. For further information, please contact Euan Mackway-Jones (


  • Mix&Mash on Press Freedom and Access to Information

    The latest edition of Mix&Mash organized by UNOG and the City of Geneva will focus on the theme of Press Freedom and Access to Information. UNESCO will be present and share some of the Organization's best practices and experiences.

  • Photo Exhibition "Alâthar: Seul(e) après Daesh"

    The photo exhibition (3-21 September) of "Alâthar-Seul(e) après Daesh" is a visual journey reminding the fragility of mankind's precious cultural heritage.

  • Book launch - «Long Walk of Peace: Towards a culture of Prevention»

    The Book “Long Walk of Peace: Towards a Culture of Prevention” will be launched in the United Nations Library in Geneva, Switzerland, on 24 May 2018.