Goodwill Ambassadors amplify UNESCO's Mission

Orchestra H2O Sounds of the Earth, UNESCO Artist for Peace

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors possess widely recognized talent and accomplishments in the arts, sciences, literature, entertainment, sport as well as other fields of public life. They are personalities of integrity who demonstrate a strong desire to help mobilize public interest in, and support for, the purposes and principles of UNESCO, and who demonstrate the commitment and proven potential to reach out to significant audiences, including decision makers.

  • See the list of Goodwill Ambassadors and Special Envoys here
  • See the list of Artists for Peace and Champions for Sport here.

See also a list of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors in alphabetical order as well as a brief description of their mission.

The list is regularly updated and includes all Goodwill Ambassadors officially appointed by the UNESCO Director-General and for whom an official designation ceremony was held. Any other person who does not appear on this list cannot claim the title of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

For any additional information, please contact us on the following address: goodwill(at)

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