Bibi Russell

© UNESCO / Bibi Russel, UNESCO Artist for Peace

The famous Bangladeshi fashion designer and former international model Bibi Russell was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in October 1999, in recognition of her unfailing commitment to the welfare of the weavers of Bangladesh and her untiring devotion to the promotion of traditional crafts.

Through her company Bibi Productions established in 1995, she launched the “Fashion for Development” concept, which gives crafts people the opportunity to enhance their skills to achieve economic survival and to build a prosperous future. Through her creations, combining both tradition and modernity, she promotes craft heritage from Bangladesh and other regions of the world threatened by globalization.

In her capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, she contributes to numerous projects and activities in Uzbekistan, aiming to support the Uzbek handicrafts masters. These activities thus preserve the jobs and the knowledge of local artisans.

In October 2017, she organized in London a fashion show entitled “Survivors’ Runway” dedicated to all women and girls who live in fear of gender-based violence.

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