Dani Karavan

The famous Israeli artist and sculptor Dani Karavan was designated UNESCO Artist for Peace in July 1996, in recognition of his contribution to the promotion of peace through his sculptures.

In December 1993, Dani Karavan participated in the international meeting "Peace, the day after" organized by UNESCO in Granada, Spain. This meeting brought together for the first time a large number of Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals and artists, in order to establish a cultural dialogue and support the peace process.

Following this meeting, Mr Karavan created an environmental sculpture in UNESCO’s garden, to symbolize the dawn of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. At the inauguration of the work entitled "Square of Tolerance" in May 1996, Dani Karavan paid tribute to Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister murdered in 1995.

In his capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, he participated in 1997 at the Nuremberg Prize, a demonstration for tolerance, human rights, peace around the Mediterranean and in the Middle East.

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