Dani Karavan

The famous Israeli Dani Karavan is best known for being a painter and sculptor. He started his studies as early as the age of 11 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bezalel in Jerusalem and later attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florance and Grande Chaumière in Paris. Mr Karavan, since, has gained both national and international recognition and has received numerous awards such as the Israel Prize for sculpture and the Japanese annual Praeminium Imperial art prize, in 1998.

Mr Karavan feels committed to public commissions and links his work to the promotion of peace around the world. He donated the “Tolerance Square” to UESCO Headquarters in Paris in 1996, a monument which can currently be found next to the Japanese Garden. The monument was offered and dedicated to the promotion of Peace by UNESCO. Mr Karavan, today, lives in Paris and Florence and continues to promote tolerance and the defense of human rights, especially in the Middle East, through his art.


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