Die Brenz Band

© UNESCO / Brenw Band, UNESCO Artist for Peace

Die Brenz Band Orchestra, a German group founded by mentally and physically disabled musicians, was designated UNESCO Artist for Peace in February 2005, in recognition of its fervent commitment to the promotion of peace through its musical activities.

Die Brenz Band is a member of "Peace 21", a foundation dedicated to promoting peace through dialogue and art. It supports the foundation with its numerous concerts in Germany, Switzerland and the Middle East.

In 2002, Die Brenz Band Orchestra performed at the Swiss EXPO.02 national exhibition as part of an event entitled "Pain, Source of Creation".

In his capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, Die Brenz Band Orchestra contributed to the success of the International Music Festival entitled "Festival Makel Los – sans tache" which was held in Beijing in October 2014. This event aimed to promote the rights of persons with disabilities and their social inclusion.

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