© UNESCO / Frankétienne, UNESCO Artist for Peace

The great Haitian poet Frankétienne was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in March 2010, in recognition of his contribution to French literature and his commitment to safeguarding and defending Haitian culture.

His art, characterized by his unique skillfulness in the use of both Creole and French languages, as well as his inimitable descriptions of the culture and suffering of his country, has positioned Mr Frankétienne in the ranks of truly universal artists. Frankétienne is also known for his modern, colorful abstract paintings.

In his capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, he participated in a forum entitled “Rebuilding the social, cultural and intellectual fabric of Haiti”, by presenting his play “The Trap” or “Melovivi” written in November 2009. The play staged two survivors of a terrible disaster, who find themselves trapped in a closed space under the rubble.

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