Guila Clara Kessous

Ms Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO Artist for Peace

Guila Clara Kessous was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in January 2012, in recognition of her commitment to promoting and defending human rights through art.

As part of World Philosophy Day, Guila Clara Kessous participated in a round table "Philosophy and Theater: What is their role in times of crisis?” which was held at UNESCO Headquarters in November 2011.

In her capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, she defends the values of human rights, peace and justice as well as the teaching of genocidal realities and slavery.

In 2013, Guila Clara Kessous contributed to the success of the International Year of Water Cooperation by supporting a project to improve access to water in some remote villages in Togo.

In addition, she collaborated with Claudie Perlot to raise funds for the education of girls and women in Africa under UNESCO Programme “Education for All”.

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