Jordi Savall


The Catalan viola da gamba master Jordi Savall was designated a UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2008, in recognition for his commitment as a musician for intercultural dialogue.
Jordi Savall became well known for writing movie scores and especially his work for director Alain Corneau’s film Tous les matins du monde, for which he won a César.

In his mission to safeguard and promote western and eastern ancient music to a universal audience, he founded and conducted musical ensembles such as Hespèrion XXI (1974), La Capella Reial de Catalunya (1987) and Le Concert des Nations (1989). With his late wife, Montserrat Figueras, he also founded the label Alia Vox.

Jordi Savall is also recognised for his humanitarian involvement and his projects in favor of intercultural sharing.  As a UNESCO Artist for Peace, he developed, in association with UNESCO, his 2015 project “The Roads of Slavery 1500-1588”, which aims to highlight the cultural interactions that emerged from this tragedy and contributes to the reflection on intercultural dialogue by reuniting artists from all over the world for a series of concerts.

In 2016, he visited the Calais “jungle” where he played the viola de gamba with refugees. In November of this year, he launched the project Orpheus XXI to support musician refugees. A year later and with the eight selected artists, he gave a series of highly acclaimed concerts.

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