Magaly Solier

© Magaly Solier

The Peruvian actress and singer Magaly Solier, was designated UNESCO Artist for Peace in June 2017, in recognition of her commitment to protecting and promoting the indigenous languages and indigenous music. During her designation ceremony, she performed in Quechua at UNESCO Headquarters.

The actress of Quichuan origins is well known for her movies such as Madeinusa and Blackthorn. In 2009, she starred in the film entitled “La teta Asustada”, which won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2009 and was nominated for an Oscar Award in January 2010.

Through her artistic career, Ms Solier committed to the protection and safeguard of the Andean culture. Her albums, “Warmi” and “Coca Quintucha”, gather traditional songs performed in Quechua, one of the native languages of Peru. Through her musical performances and concerts in Peru, she promotes the indigenous languages and music.

On 21 February 2018, she sent through the Peruvian UNESCO a message in Quechua defending the preservation and use of this indigenous language on UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day.

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