Marisa Berenson

Favorite actress of the greatest directors, Marisa Berenson has been closely collaborating with UNESCO since 1993 and was designated UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2001 in recognition of her multiple actions for disadvantaged children.

In her capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, Marisa Berenson supported the UNESCO Program for the Education of Children in Need. She was also at the origin of the project entitled "Artists and Differences", which aims to promote the rights of disabled artists and their integration into the artistic community.

In 2001, Marisa Berenson helped found the UNESCO Berry Berenson Perkins Fund in memory of her tragically missing sister in the 9/11 Attacks in New York. This fund supported UNESCO's "The Power of Culture" program, which aimed to help young people affected by conflicts or disasters by giving them access to artistic practices to rediscover their history and their cultural identity.

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