N. Scott Momaday

© UNESCO /N. Scott Momaday, UNESCO Artist for Peace

Pioneer of modern Native American literature, N. Scott Momaday was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in May 2004, in recognition of his actions in support of the restauration and preservation of Native American heritage and cultural traditions through the Buffalo Trust.

In the 90s, he founded the Buffalo Trust, a non-profit foundation, aiming to preserve, protect and restitute Native American culture and heritage to help the young generations access their heritage. Through his foundation and art, he became an eminent emissary of native values.

In his capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, he presided and was the keynote speaker for UNESCO’s International Symposium entitled ‘Indigenous Identities: Oral, Written Expressions and New Technologies’, held at UNESCO Headquarters in May 2001.

In the United States, he received in 2007 the National Medal of Arts for his work celebrating and preserving the Native American art traditions.

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