Orchestra H2O Sound of the Earth

©UNESCO/Orchestra H2O - Sounds of the Earth, UNESCO Artist for Peace

The Orchestra H2O – Sound of the Earth was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in December 2016, in recognition of their commitment to raise awareness among young people about water management in a fair and sustainable way.

The Orchestra uses musical instruments made from salvaged waste, such as bottles and cans. Guitars, trumpets and flutes made from recycled pipes and funnels hold a large musical repertoire in order to spread a simple and urgent message: water is a natural resource that could be irremediably drained if the necessary measures are not taken.

H2O - Sounds of the Earth travels all around Paraguay and beyond, with its 50 orchestras of 2,200 children and young musicians and 300 adults from 44 ethnic communities in Paraguay. H2O organizes also during their tours many awareness campaigns about the good management of environment and water conservation.

In March 2018, they performed during the 8th World Water Forum on the theme “Sharing Water”, held in Brasilia, Brazil.

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